The Desk is a new type of bulletin.

Our goal is to embody the principle of “all signal, no noise”.

We’ll keep you informed on things that are weird, interesting, and relevant to the 21st century human every Tuesday morning. You, the person who is always sharing links on your work Slack.

Yeah, you. The fed-up worker who wants to know how billionaires just keep getting away with it. The [insert geopolitical world power]-watcher. The aesthete, dilettante, polymath, philistine, radical, traditionalist, the regular and irregular person.

We’ll show you who’s behind the curtain. But we’ll also put you on to the bizarre and beautiful.

Okay, so who’s behind this particular curtain then?

The founder of this publication sees himself as more of a vessel for the conveyance of great works. In a world of personal brands and influencers, this publication stands out as something separate and distinct from the rat-race of internet panhandling.

The beauty is supposed to be in the simplicity of the newsletter form.

With that being said, there’s no reason to be unnecessarily distant from you, the audience. So here are some relevant facts about The Desk’s founder.

  • African-American male in his early 30’s

  • Works as a software engineer for a publicly-traded technology company (he refuses to name-drop which one)

  • Lives in New York City, where he owns and manages real estate as a side-hustle

  • Normally doesn’t talk about himself in the third-person but the circumstances warrant it

  • Has never, and will never, go to Burning Man

  • Enjoys Japanese whiskey, neat

There. We hope this allows you, reader, to feel a little closer to the human being behind this publication.

So what’s the format?

There is no set format. In the weeks to come we will experiment with this, to achieve the optimal balance between not doing enough and doing too much. We hope you will bear with us as we work out the kinks. We hope even more that you’ll get a paid subscription - but first we’ll show you why that’s a good idea by making sure you never have to open a clickbaity headline or a “rundown”, “briefing” or “skim”.

Yeah. Shots fired.

- Editor


Founder & Editor of The Desk